Re-modelling Your Old Jewellery

Do you have jewellery that you don’t wear? Maybe you have inherited some rings that are not quite your style? We can re-design your jewellery so you can enjoy wearing it. At Jewel Beetle, there are two options available to you:

  1. Melting down your gold
  2. Trading your gold for new materials

Melting down

We understand that your old or inherited jewellery has great sentimental value and we will always meltdown your gold on your request. Designs are limited with this process but we can advise you on this. Have a look at some the great results below.     ring diamonds topas gold

How much money will I save using my own gold?
You will save some money using your own materials but this largely depends on how much gold you have to start with and what you want to make as a new design. The saving may not be as much as you might expect this is because the process of melting your gold can take as much as three times longer than starting with new materials.
What is the process?
First, we carefully unset your gemstones. We cut out any settings and solder joins that cannot be used. We weigh what’s left and add any extra gold if needed. This all goes into the crucible to melt. The molten metal is poured into an ingot. Once cooled, if the ingot is successful, we start the process of several rounds of rolling through the mills and annealing (a heating process to soften the metal). Once the metal is in a workable shape we start the process of manufacturing your new design!

"We love transforming your old jewellery it can take on a new lease of life and be enjoyed again instead of hiding away inside your jewellery box!"

ring remoddeling

Are there any materials I cannot use?
Yes, silver as it is not economically viable to melt down. We do not melt white gold or platinum jewellery and we advise against melting chains. We also do not like to mix different carat golds together. We can re-use your gemstones but this is entirely at your own risk. Flaws in gems are often concealed by their settings, there is always a risk of breakages when stones are un-set.

Trade - in

There are less limitations on your design when you choose to trade your jewellery in for new materials. We send your scrap gold for refining. The gold value fluctuates on a daily basis and you will get the gold price on the day the refining takes place. This amount is then credited to our metal account and we can use this to supply new materials to make your piece of jewellery. You can also choose alternative metals like platinum or white gold for your new design.

What sort of design can I have made?
For inspiration take a look at our extensive portfolio of designs in store. If we are using your own gold then designs are limited but our jewellers are always on hand to offer advice. If you prefer, we also offer a bespoke design service. Ask us for details!

ring diamonds gold
"Thanks for all the excellent contact I experienced while creating my new ring. The end product is a sensational piece and I very much enjoy wearing it"

Judy McKenzie, Nelson

Frequently Asked Questions


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