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Grab a group of friends and book your own Ring Fling! Get creative and make your own unique ring design. No experience is necessary as we will guide you through the fun wax carving process. At the end of the workshop you leave your wax creations with us to be cast into silver (or gold) and completed to a finish of your choice. The Ring Fling is the perfect group activity for friends, family or work-mates. Book as a private group or come along as an individual to one of our next workshops.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is a Ring Fling workshop?

In general people are able to finish their rings in 3 hours. After that we either opt to give you a little bit of extra time or offer to finish your ring for you.

Can anybody do the Ring Fling ? I am not very practical but would love to have a go!

We will discuss your design with you before you start. If your design seems complex we will advise you on more achievable designs and will help you where possible during the workshop. So far everyone that has taken part has created a ring they love and have really enjoyed the experience.

How much does the average ring cost in materials?

As a rough guide an average silver ring usually costs between $35 and $80. However, more chunky designs can cost up to $150. If you have a tight budget
let us know before you start we can help you design a ring that fits within your budget. We can also weigh the ring while you work on it to make sure it is within your price range.

Can I have my ring cast in gold?

Sure no problem. We will be able to estimate the weight of gold required and what the cost will be once you have completed your ring wax.

Can I have my ring cast in my old gold or silver that I already have?

No sorry. We don't cast the rings in our own workshop, the casting company we use won't be reusing your old metals for your specific ring.

Can I have gemstones in my ring?

Sure! Please discuss this with us before you start so we can decide where you would like your stones and can guide you. Setting stones is an extra cost which we can advise you of depending on what you choose to do. Have a look at the slideshow below for ideas.

Can I finish the ring myself in your workshop?

Sorry No. We don't have the correct setup in our workshop and time to allow for this. We would love to be able to do this somewhere in the future though.

Are there limitations to what I can make?

Well yes and no! Not every ring is made from the lost wax casting process, so please don't expect to make a claw set solitaire! Imagine your ring as a mini sculpture then your only limitation is your Imagination! 'Ring Flingers' that keep their design fairly basic have the most fun during the workshop. You are welcome to join another workshop to create something more complicated once you are more familiar with carving wax. Returning Ring makers receive a $15 discount on materials.

My partner and I would like to make our own wedding rings. Is this possible?

We have had a few couples creating their rings during our 'Ring Fling' workshops. Alternatively have a look at our 'Couples Create' workshops.

Rings made at the Ring Fling

Take a look at the slideshow to see some of the rings that have been made at the Ring Fling workshops.

The sky really is the limit and wax carving is lots of fun!

What actually happens at a Ring Fling workshop?

Upon arrival we will take your ring size and discuss your design with you. You should hopefully already have some idea about what you would like to create. We will show you what tools are available and how to use them.
You can have a practice carving wax and find out how the tools work while we prepare and size your wax ring for you. Then you will start carving your ring. We will be constantly watching and guiding you through the process to make an awesome ring. Our workshop is a very relaxed and fun environment. Half way through we take a break and offer you coffee or tea with a biscuit while we show you a video about the ring casting process. This will show how your rings will magically turn from wax into Silver or Gold depending on your metal choice.
When you are finished you will leave your rings with us and if needed slightly tidy them up and send them away for casting. Upon return, we will sand and polish your ring as per your instructions and even set stones or apply resin if required. It takes 1 to 2 weeks for you to receive your rings back.
We will also take some photos on the night with a link for you to download them.

Here's what our customers say..

Don't take our word for it, read some reviews of our past ring makers.

Rhonda Stewart

Had a fantastic evening with Yvon and Allison at the helm. 😊 They were friendly, helpful & informative and offered suggestions or help if you wanted it. Otherwise they left us to it, letting our imaginations go wild! We went as a mother daughter (a gift from my daughter) and thouroughly loved the creative process of hand making our own rings. We very happy with the finished product. I have no hesitation in recommending you give this go. It's fun, imaginative and a wonderful way to spend an evening with other like-minded souls! Thanks ladies 😊

Chanelle Tahu

WOW! What an experience!
I attended an evening of creative bliss, the Ring Fling at Jewel Beetle and i couldn't be more wrapped with the whole adventure! Smooth communication and clear direction was a joy! To design your own ring then, have it cast in silver *with a possible option of gold*!! Why wouldnt you take up the chance!! Definitely go in with an idea, saves alot of pondering time that can be well spent on technique of the final product. I had my idea already and it still took a good 2-3hrs. Simple is better! I went with geometrical shapes and i love it!! Hope to attend again in future - if i can!! Haha! Thank you ladies!! A treasure for a lifetime, through generations!! 💕

Rebecca Hrynkiw

It was awesome! I had such a great time and your patience and expertise was amazing. Having you both close by to assist with any difficulties and to offer help made the day run smoothly and helped us all to feel at ease. I can't wait to come back and try another ring!

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