Transforming ideas into precious metals

A bespoke Jewel Beetle piece starts on a special journey from its concept to completion. Along the way, we listen to your thoughts and ideas, stirring them into a melting pot together.  We’re excited by the challenge of interpreting your ideas. Every item of jewellery is profoundly individual - to design a bespoke piece requires a level of understanding, intuition and empathy to listen to you, the client, a skill we have refined at Jewel Beetle.

"We love what we do – making beautiful objects from precious materials is a kind of magic and our enthusiasm and passion is crafted into every piece.”

Whether you’ve already got an idea or no idea at all, we’re here to help you through the design process, consider your budget and ensure you leave with a piece of jewellery that makes you very happy.

The design brief : to be able to wear an engagement and wedding band again. 

Sue suffers from arthritis so her joints are prone to swelling. We re-modeled her gold and diamonds to create a ring with a hinge. Designed to fit over her knuckles but not spin around once in place. Sue is overjoyed to be wearing a ring again!

"As women jewellers we not only love making and designing jewellery – we love to wear it. So you can be assured of the best advice from a female perspective. Together we can create something special."