Remodeling old wedding rings

Since ancient times we have been adorning our bodies with jewellery. From a simple daisy chain created on a summer's day to a precious gold ring gifted by a loved one, jewellery is our most treasured possession. Every piece tells a story that holds such great sentimental value. No amount of insurance can ever replace these items that we cherish so much.

A wedding ring is probably our most treasured heirloom, often handed down from one generation to the next. In this blog, we have curated some ideas of what to do with old inherited wedding bands. Instead of hiding them away in a box, you can enjoy wearing them, feel closer to your loved ones and cherish the memories these wedding rings represent.

There are many options from melting down the wedding bands and creating a completely new piece to simply resizing the rings so they can be worn again.

We enjoy the challenge of transforming the rings into something new. We love coming up with a design concept and overcoming the technical challenge to avoid damage to the original ring or any special inscription on the inside.

Here are a few examples of wedding rings that were redesigned into something special to wear.

remodeled wedding band into a moon shape pendant

Our client wanted to do something special with her late husband's wedding ring. Stargazing was his passion and the inspiration behind this wedding band remodel. We cut the wedding band and inverted one part of it. It was soldered back together to create this simple gold crescent moon shape pendant.

pendant made from old wedding band

This red gold pendant incorporates gemstones from inherited old dress rings of sentimental value. Using the wedding band as a frame for the pendant, we made new settings for the gems and added them to create this pendant, another special heirloom.

This pendant is one of our favourite remodeled pieces. We love kinetic jewellery!
This customer had both her parents’ wedding bands and wanted a pendant made as a memorable piece to wear. The wedding rings were too precious to melt down. Instead, we stretched the larger band, so the smaller band would freely turn inside. We riveted pins at the top and bottom so the ring would spin. Incorporating her love of the delightful NZ fantail and its connection to New Zealand, we mounted our gold fantail charm inside the inner band on a spot where it wouldn’t cover the inscription. She was delighted, another happy customer!

After her marriage had ended, our client wanted her daughters to have some jewellery made using the old wedding and engagement rings. Both gold wedding bands formed the base of each pendant. The main feature of her engagement ring was a set of diamonds in leaf shape on the shoulders, these decorative shoulders were attached to enhance each pendant. Each daughter chose a Biron Emerald to also add to the design. 

two wedding rings become one

Our client was unsure what to do with her old wedding band and her late husband's wedding band. Encouraged by her new partner, she decided to commission something memorable using both rings. The design process was lengthy and an emotional journey for her from start to finish. Once satisfied she was making the right decision, we began to forge and join the two rings together, changing the look entirely but retaining the personal inscriptions on the inside.

two wedding bands transformed to pendants adding a gemstone
Examples of wedding bands using a single gemstone to create a pendant.
Left: Our client simply wanted her husbands' wedding ring converted into a pendant. We kept the gold band intact and added a diamond from an inherited ring. None of the precious inscriptions were damaged in the process and the words were still clearly visible. 
Right: A wedding band incorporating an amethyst birthstone.

Wedding band split to incorporate a diamond

What use is a wedding ring if it remains hidden away in a box? Apart from his wedding day, our client's husband had never worn his wedding band. It is often unsafe to wear rings in some workplaces.

This wedding ring was redesigned as a dress ring. Carefully, we cut through a section in the wedding band and prized it apart as far as we could without damaging the ring or the inscription. A diamond was channel-set in the created opening. 


It is essential to listen and give our clients the time to come to terms with entrusting us with their valuable items. It's an emotional journey. A personal story will often unfold as they reveal all their sentimental jewellery. We often encounter tears of joy and the occasional hug when they collect the newly remodeled finished piece.

Wide wedding band remodeled into two rings
Mum gifted her two daughters her wedding ring after her marriage had ended. To make two new designs from one wedding band on a tight budget required us to be extra creative! Melting down the ring would require additional metal, so we came up with the idea to cut the band in half.
After forging and filing, we manufactured two very different rings, each with the addition of a small diamond. Luckily the daughter's ring sizes were small, so the remake didn't require extra metal.

wedding bands with cross

Here's another nestled wedding band pendant created for a client using an old cross pendant hanging in the centre.

The desire for change can often be the motivation for remodeling a wedding ring. Redesigning your current wedding band into something new is also an option. If it is possible to melt down your wedding band, the design options are almost endless.

double wedding bands

These wedding bands were remodeled to commemorate a silver wedding anniversary. We soldered new silver koru bands to the existing gold rings. The Koru symbolizes new beginnings.

Old and new wedding band combined

Sticking with the old tradition of something old, something new, my wedding band was designed to incorporate my grandmother's wedding band. Nestled inside a new white gold wedding band, it could turn freely like a puzzle ring. My grandparents were married for over 50 years so it was an honour to wear her ring again and continue its new journey in life.

Have you got old unworn jewellery hidden away? We'd love to help you to transform it into a piece of jewellery you will cherish until it is your time to pass it down to the next generation to enjoy. 






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