Jade, Greenstone, Pounamu
Pounamu - Greenstone Jewellery At Jewel Beetle, we  share a love and affinity for New Zealand Pounamu. We enjoy creating and designing modern j...
Custom Made Mountain Rings
One of our most popular designs is our Mountain Range Ring. We’ve made many variations of the Mountain ring featuring mountain scenes from the local Tasman ranges to as far away as the Teton ranges in North America.
Keepsake and Memorial Jewellery
People have been adorning themselves with jewellery to commemorate special occasions or milestones for centuries. In early times, objects known as ...
Blue Pearls
At Jewel Beetle, we adore making blue pearl jewellery and as Nelson's stockist for Eyris Blue pearls, we're often asked lots of questions by customers intrigued by this unique and enchanting gem. So we've dedicated this informative blog for you to learn more.

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