Pearls - the Birthstone for June

At Jewel Beetle, we're great fans of both Black Pearls and our very own New Zealand Blue Pearls. In this blog, we've compiled some interesting information about Black pearls - nature's beautiful creation. 

Unlike most other gemstones which are minerals, pearls are organic and are formed by living marine organisms. This natural occurrence happens when an oyster or  mussel receives an irritant inside its shell. To protect itself, the mollusc deposits layers of ‘nacre’ over the irritant. Just like the shell, the ‘nacre’ is made up of calcium carbonate. This iridescent coating is what makes these gems so beautiful. These layers build up over time and this is how the pearl is formed.

Treat Your Mum with Jewellery for Mother's day
Mother’s Day is the perfect time to remember, acknowledge and thank that special person in our lives that shaped us to be the people we are today. Whether the mother figure in our lives was our mum by birth, our grandma, aunty, sister, foster mum - Mother’s Day is an opportunity to say "Thanks Mum, I appreciate what you do for me" 
A wedding ring is probably our most treasured heirloom, often handed down from one generation to the next. In this blog, we have curated some ideas of what to do with old wedding bands. Instead of hiding them away in a box, you can enjoy wearing them, feel closer to your loved ones and cherish the memories these wedding rings represent.
Is your Jewellery Insured?
Is your insurance policy up to date? With the ongoing price rise of gold, Platinum and especially Palladium over the past few years we have noticed...

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