Make Your Own Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are a symbol of your love, why not make them extra special and create your own?

Couples crrat wedding ring workshop

Our ‘Couples Create” experience is a practical jewellery workshop to handcraft your own wedding rings. No experience or creative skills are required as you’ll be guided every step of the way through the jewellery making process with your own skilled and friendly jeweller for the day.
‘Couples Create’ starts with an initial design consultation where we discuss the options available to you, and the process involved. We order the materials needed for your wedding rings and book in a suitable time. Workshops take approx 5 hours and are limited to one couple per workshop. Light refreshments are provided and a few snap shots of your day at the bench.

Packages Available

Simply Gold - $299 per person

make your own wedding rings

The Simply Gold experience includes a pre-fabricated strip of gold, processes involve the soldering process, shaping, filing, sanding, polishing guided by your own jeweller to complete your special rings. This option is available with yellow or white gold materials. (Materials excluded, enquire for a quote. Final cost will depend on the weight of your ring on the day.)

make your own wedding rings

Melt & Make - $365 per person

The Make and Melt experience starts completely from scratch where together we melt gold granules in a crucible and pour into an ingot. Using the rolling mills your ring will start taking shape. Processes include soldering, annealing, filing, sanding, texturing or polishing. Along the way we talk about your exciting plans for the big day. This option is only available for yellow gold rings.(Materials excluded, enquire for a quote. Final cost will depend on the weight of your ring on the day)

Feel free to ask us for a customized workshop experience if you have different requirements. Send us an email!

An example of material cost

Example 1: 3mm wide ladies half round band and 5mm wide half round gents band in 9ct yellow gold in average ring sizes would cost in materials $1169  (August 2021) 

Example 2: 3mm wide half round ladies band and 5mm wide half round gents band in 18ct yellow gold in average ring sizes would cost in materials $3265 (August 2021) 

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Optional Extras

In addition to the workshop fee are the cost of materials and any additional services we provide (i.e. stone setting or engraving for example)  We can estimate these extra costs for you during the design consultation. Any techniques or processes outside the scope of the typical workshop may require additional fees and time commitment, will will advise you of this and please don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions. We will ensure the best possible professional end result, making your wedding rings is an experience you'll never forget. We know you will cherish your rings much more than any you can purchase at a store. Check out the video below....


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Don't take our word for it, read the reviews from some of our happy couples...


 Lisa & Ollie - Nelson

Couples create wedding rings Lisa and Olly

"After almost a year of searching for the perfect wedding ring we had pretty much given up, we wanted something clean, simple and elegant but unique too. We had all but given up on the idea of something completely individual until Yvonne and Ali at Jewel Beetle Nelson shared their expertise and helped us to create something completely special and one of a kind. We cannot recommend this package enough! Where else can you cast your wedding rings as a couple? We had such an amazing 5 hours at Jewel Beetle and just cant express what a fantastic one of a kind experience this is!"

Nicole and Mark - Wellington  

Couples create wedding rings Mark and Nicole
"The Jewel Beetle Wedding Ring workshop was an amazing experience. We live in the Wairarapa and came to Nelson for the weekend to make our own wedding bands. Fun from the very start from making our own designs, melting the materials and slowly seeing the rings take shape, from molding to cutting, filing and lastly polishing the rings will be absolutely unique and just that much more precious, considering you have made them yourselves. And you get awesome memories to go along with the rings. On top of that, Yvon was a great host, patient with our, I am sure in her eyes, slow speed, explain all the steps along the way and putting on a nice lunch as well from the bakery next door. We have told all our friends about this experience and would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone, as it is simply an unforgettable day"

Pip & Cliff - Nelson

Couples create wedding rings Mark and Nicole
"We thoroughly enjoyed the specialness of creating our very own rings. Being able to choose what type of gold, the shape, width, design and then actually and do the process has made our wedding rings truly  unique and given us lasting memories of a wonderful day. We waited 28 years to decide to get rings to acknowledge our marriage - and now realize the wait was well worth it to have chosen such special jewellery items. Thank you Yvon for your patience and personalized teaching as we created these truly memorable and precious rings. We wear them with pride and feel so fortunate to be able to say we actually made them!"