Swallow Stud Earrings

$229.00 $229.00

These charming swallow stud earrings are simple and elegant. Beautiful, delicate and detailed they make a great addition to your jewellery collection. Handmade in our Nelson workshop they are available in sterling silver or 9ct gold. Our swallows are also available as hoop earrings

  • swallow size 12mm
  • includes scrolls / butterfly backs
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Swallows are birds that choose a mate for life, this is why the swallow is a chosen symbol for love and loyalty to family.  To a sailor, the swallow has special meaning  because these birds were usually the first sign that land was near and also the swallow will always return home not matter how far away they are. A sailor traditionally has a swallow tattooed onto his chest every 5000 nautical miles. Since traveling over sea in the early years was a dangerous occupation, a sailor with one or two swallow tattoos was considered very experienced and therefore trustworthy and valuable.