Jewel Beetle Brooch

$245.00 $245.00

Our signature 'Jewel Beetle' pin brooches are handmade in our Nelson workshop. Beautifully crafted in sterling silver, the beetle wings are delicately coloured with UV acrylic resin. Each one is slightly different due to the unique colour blending process.

  • More colour options are available on request
  • brooch size 23 x 28mm
  • pin tack fitting
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Contact us if you have a specific colour request.

Did you know that the Jewel Beetles are among the largest of the beetle families. There are about 15000 different species of these wood boring beetles and mostly known for their glossy iridescent colours.

 "The Creator, if He exists, has a special preference for beetles." 

- J. B. S. Haldane