silver pendant with black pearl
silver pendant with black pearl
silver pendant with black pearl on model

Aitutaki Pendant

A stunning silver heart pendant with black pearl. A pure creation straight from the heart. A gift of love and friendship.

  • 9mm black pearl, grey-silver hues
  • pendant length 32mm
  • sterling silver
  • includes silver chain 45cm
  • FREE SHIPPING within New Zealand

We source our black pearls from AVAIKI Cook Islands Pearls because we believe in their philosophy of sustainable pearl farming. Only the highest-graded pearls earn the AVAIKI name.

pearl farming in manihikiOur black pearls originate from one of the remotest inhabited places on earth - the Northern Group of the Cook Islands in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. From the clear lagoon depths of Manihiki, Rakahanga and Tongareva (Penrhyn), nature's cleverness captures the rich lagoon colours and transforms them into a profusion of green, blue, purple and silver-hued pearls. To read more about their story please visit their website.