Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are a symbol of your love and the only physical memory of your wedding day that you carry with you throughout your life.Let us guide you through the process and help you to create wedding rings as unique as the relationship they represent.

What about the design?

A wedding ring is intended to be worn for life, bear this in mind when choosing a design. Your wedding ring is traditionally worn next to your engagement ring. Many couples choose to combine both wedding and engagement into one design or design the wedding and engagement rings together as a set. Ideally, the design of your wedding ring should complement your engagement ring. What you may like today might not be so desirable in a decade or two. At Jewel Beetle we are happy to make whatever your heart desires but if you want our honest advice - we believe that “simplicity is genius” A classic design will stand the test of time.

Wedding Couple with Rings on

Do you and your partner want matching rings?

There are many options for matching rings but it’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to have totally different designs. However, they are a symbol of your love and the relationship they represent, so why not put some special thought into their design. We can show you some examples where the design elements from the brides ring are used in a more simplistic way for the grooms ring, each design is different but they both have the same symbolic connection.

Wedding Rings  - Celtic design by Jewel Beetle

Do you have an active lifestyle?

Consider the practicality of your design if you have an active lifestyle or are a manual worker. We have a wide range of standard ring samples for you to try on in different widths and profiles. You might want to consider a ring that has a smooth and rounded profile. Avoid rings made from hard metals like titanium and tungsten that are not easily removed in case of injury.


"Thank you very much for your expertise & wonderful Service. Our wedding bands are beautiful and my engagement ring fits very well with the band. You gave us a very easy experience in choosing for our important occasion."
Kindest regards Erin Walker and Paul Fetz - Nelson


What materials can be used?

We would recommend gold, platinum or palladium or silver.  We would strongly advise against titanium, steel or tungsten rings as they are extremely hard to cut off in the event of an injury to your fingers. At Jewel Beetle we don’t skimp on materials, we want your rings to last a lifetime and be enjoyed for generations to come. You may be quoted cheaper elsewhere but probably for a thinner and less robust band.

Wedding rings by Jewel BeetleCan I use my own gold?

We can in some cases depending on the design you choose we can melt down gold you may have for sentimental purposes or use diamonds or gemstones from an old ring. There is also the option of trading in your old gold towards new materials to help keep the cost to a minimum. Just ask us for details or read our re-modelling jewellery guide.

Did you know the wearing of wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand dates back to the 17th Century BC? Ancient Egyptians believed that this finger contained the “vena amoris”, the vein of love that runs directly to the heart. By placing a continuous band of precious metal on this finger, it was thought that you ensured your everlasting love.


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