Blue Pearls from New Zealand

Be captivated by our collection of NZ Blue Pearl jewellery. At Jewel Beetle we have fallen in love with the iridescence, lustre and colour of the NZ Blue Pearl and have created many elegant designs over the years. Whether you are looking for an everyday piece to wear or a "stunning eye catcher" for an evening out, the Blue Pearl will definitely be a talking point.

Blue pearls from New Zealand

Where do blue pearls come from?

Blue pearl found in the Paua shell

Blue pearls are found in the abalone shell, commonly know in New Zealand as Paua. Although sometimes on rare occasions, they are found naturally, blue pearls are cultivated.

How are blue pearls made?

Blue pearl cultivation processUnder strict protocols "free divers' are allowed to harvest Paua from the ocean and bring them on board a vessel to begin a process called nucleation. This, in simple terms, is where a small shell dome is carefully inserted under the Paua flesh.  The Paua are then returned to the ocean in  barrels and fed a variety of seaweed for the next few years. The mollusc considers the domed shell an alien object and an  irritant. It will form layers of nacre over it as a natural defense. Thus forming the blister pearls we use for our jewellery. The process of growing a pearl takes about 2- 3 years

Are Blue pearls valuable?

Blue pearls are a unique and valuable gem. As described above the process takes quite some time and skill. At Jewel Beetle, we buy our blue pearls exclusively from Eyris Pearls because of their consistent quality and dedication to creating the highest quality pearls with minimal impact on the environment.

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