Hinged Rings


Do you struggle to wear rings because of enlarged knuckles? 

Maybe this is due to Arthritis, injury or your hands are naturally this way, whatever the cause, it is frustrating to wear rings that will fit past your knuckle but are way too big and simply spin around. At Jewel Beetle,  we've developed a solution. Our 'Bascule' Ring was created with you in mind. A ring with a hinge and a secluded lock at the top. Simply open the ring, slide it over your knuckle and click it shut fitting snug around your finger.

Our 'Bascule' stock ring is available to purchase in one size but as everyone is different, we recommend having a bespoke hinged ring made especially for you.  We are happy to re-use gemstones you may have from your jewellery you no longer wear.


"When our clients order a hinged ring design, it's always very rewarding to see their faces light up when they can finally adore their hands again and enjoy wearing their own unique ring." 


"I was extremely happy with all aspects of my Jewel Beetle experience, excellent creative design, friendly service and very high standard of craftsmanship. My old engagement ring had become too difficult to get on over my knuckle and I had never considered a hinged ring until the ladies made that suggestion to me. The design of the ring also allowed me to utilize some other jewellery that I hadn’t been wearing. I would not hesitate to recommend Jewel Beetle"
Sue H. Nelson


My Arthritis prevented me wearing my Sapphire and diamond engagement & eternity rings. The jewellers at Jewel Beetle created a beautiful hinged ring using all the stones.
Pippa Philp, Nelson


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