Tui Circle Earrings

$225.00 $225.00

These delightful Tui earrings sit perched on a sterling silver square wire hoop, dangling so they move freely. Handmade in our Nelson workshop, we also have Tui pendants matching these earrings.

  • sterling silver
  • circle size 19mm
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 "If you are lucky enough to be living in New Zealand you will know the amazing sounds our Tui can make and imitate. We had one that copied the sound of my daughters scooter horn that she always used coming home up the driveway. He caught us out many times!"

The Tūī bird is much loved throughout NZ for it's tuneful song. These native birds are honeyeaters and feed mainly on nectar from flowers of native plants and trees such as Kōwhai, Flax and Pohutakawa. Also known as the parson bird aptly named by early settlers because the bird's distinctive white tuft under its throat that resembles the English clergyman's white collar.