pendant gold with black pearl
pendant gold with black pearl
pendant gold with black pearl

Tongareva Pendant

This beautiful black pearl is stunning set in gold with the added elegance of a gold oak leaf reminiscent of nature and the passing seasons. The oak leaf has great symbolism representing wisdom, nobility and endurance.

  • pearl size 9.5mm
  • pendant length 23mm
  • 45cm spiga chain 9ct optional
  • A grade peacock green pearl
  • FREE SHIPPING within New Zealand

This item is made to order. Please enquire if you would like us to make you one. Usual dispatch time of approx. two weeks.

We source our black pearls from AVAIKI Cook Islands Pearls because we believe in their philosophy of sustainable pearl farming. Only the highest-graded pearls earn the AVAIKI name.

Pearl farming is the livelihood of the 1000 people who inhabit the three pearl-producing atolls of Manihiki, Rakahanga and Tongareva.  These communities understand the importance of creating a sustainable industry to pass onto future generations. To read more about their story please visit: