Greenstone Drop Pendant With Flower Bail

$259.00 $259.00

Pounamu/greenstone pendant with sterling silver Manuka flower bail.

As kiwi's, we wear our pounamu with pride but not everyone feels confident wearing the larger more masculine pieces that our talented carvers make.  We have worked closely with a carver on the West Coast to create softer more feminine shapes that we can enhance with our own creations.

  • size
  • pounamu/ greenstone
  • sterling silver
  • available in other metals. Contact us for a quote
  • includes sterling silver chain length 45 cm
  • handmade in our Nelson workshop
  • FREE SHIPPING within New Zealand

Would you like a different shape or design? We can create something especially for you! We closely work together with a greenstone carver on the West Coast who can carve almost any shape we require. Please Contact us! 


There are many legends around New Zealands precious Pounamu. One of them is the legend of Poutini.

Poutini is a water spirit Taniwha that swims up and down South Islands West coast protecting People and  the precious Pounamu (Greenstone).

Legend has it that Poutini saw a young woman, Waitaiki, bathing near Tūhua in the North Island. Poutini fell in love with Waitaiki but she was married. Her husband Tama-ahua found out and threatened to kill Poutini. Poutini abducted Waitaiki and fled to the South Island.  Tama-ahua did not give up and when there seemed no way out Poutini hid Waitaiki in the bed of the Arahura River and changed her into Pounamu before he fled out to sea.

As the river washes over Waitaiki fragments are carried down stream to the sea.  So Waitaiki became the mother-load of all Pounamu found down the Arahura River.