Flying Duck Ear Climbers

$129.00 $129.00

Inspired by the Beswick ceramic flying ducks that adorn many homes of yesteryear! These flying ducks ear climbers are whimsical and fun to wear.  Handmade in sterling silver. Perfect addition to your jewellery collection. 

  • length of ear climber 26mm 
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 The average duck can fly at speeds of 40 to 60 mph, with many species averaging roughly 50 mph. With a 50 mph tail wind, migrating mallards are capable of traveling 800 miles during an eight-hour flight

The long-distance flying champions of all waterfowl are black Brant, which migrate nonstop from coastal Alaska to their wintering grounds in Baja California—a journey of roughly 3,000 miles—in just 60 to 72 hours. The birds lose almost half their body weight during this marathon flight.