pendant, silver, black pearl

Atui Pendant

Silver sets off the black pearl in this aesthetically pleasing pendant. The ridges in the silver pearl cap accentuate the grooves naturally formed in this "circle" pearl.
  • black "circle" pearl
  • pearl size 9.5mm
  • pendant length 21mm
  • includes silver chain 45cm
  • FREE SHIPPING within New Zealand

This item is made to order. Please enquire if you would like us to make you one. Usual dispatch time of approx. two weeks.

We source our black pearls from AVAIKI Cook Islands Pearls because we believe in their philosophy of sustainable pearl farming. Only the highest-graded pearls earn the AVAIKI name.

 Pearl farming, centred at  Manihiki atoll, involves cultivating  the special black-lipped mollusk otherwise known as the "Pinctada Margaritifera", or black-lip mother-of-pearl. A black pigment is naturally secreted by the mollusk and provides the resulting pearl with a basic colour ranging from black to gray.  It takes 18 months to 2 years for the pearl to reach the required size, and the outstandingly clear water of the Manihiki lagoon is vital to the growth and quality. To read more visit the Cook Islands website.