Proposal ring

proposal ring silver and gold

Congratulations you’ve found the right person to spend the rest of your life with and have decided it's time to pop the question.  As if waiting for the right moment isn't daunting enough now you have to think about what ring to buy and how much you should spend.

After going through the jewellery box, asking your partners friends and family for advise has left you more confused that when you started on what ring to buy.

What is a proposal ring?
A proposal ring is a placeholder ring.  Although any ring could serve as a placeholder ring at Jewel Beetle we make special proposal rings in sterling silver. These rings are engraved with the words ” Will you marry me?” either on the inside or the outside of the ring. The idea is that you can ‘pop the question’  and take your time to choose your perfect ring together.

We are currently working on a few more proposal design ideas so keep and eye out for updates on this page.
Alternatively pop into the shop to have a chat with Allison or Yvon or contact us and we can see what we can create for you.

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