Dolphin Charm

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What collection of New Zealand themed charms would be complete without a dolphin?These intelligent and playful marine mammals are marvelous to watch as they glide through the water and jump around so gracefully. Beautifully detailed and handmade in our Nelson workshop.
  • charm size -  16mm long
  • available in gold on request
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Why do dolphins jump out of the water?
Scientists have different theories for this behavior. Some think that dolphins jump while travelling to save energy as going through the air consumes less energy than going through the water. One theory suggests that jumping is to get a better view of distant things, mainly food. So, in this way, dolphins jump to locate food or food related activity like seagulls eating or pelicans hunting.
Some other explanations suggest that dolphins use jumping to communicate, either with a mate or with another pod or that dolphins jump for cleaning, trying to get rid of parasites. Some believe that they are only having good fun, as playing helps to keep senses at their best. Whatever the reason is, it's always a pleasure to watch!